NYS has offered guidance for a previous Executive Order 202.6 regarding Essential Health-care Operations. In Governor Cuomo’s May 19, 2020, acupuncture practices can offer treatment if patients have a MD’s prescription. NYS Executive Order. Given the criteria for NY Regional Monitor policies, the findings offer patients critical care in advance of Phase1 opening. Previously acupuncturists in NYC were slated to begin treatment in Phase2 as those previous guidelines allowed ‘professional services’ to commence. The consensus was sometime around mid June, Phase2 would commence if Phase1 reopening did not cause the 7 Regional criterion to fall below acceptable measures.

What does this mean? If you need acupuncture care, contact your provider and request script for requesting a MD prescription. It’s clear the pandemic has elevated clinical needs and this has been recognized. It should also be noted that all businesses have instituted extensive Safety Guidelines for patient and clinician safety, accounting for concerns we all have beginning the process of re-starting NYC. Prudence dictates doing so with the CDC and NYDOH guidelines. I will always put the patient first, although clinician security also translates as patient safety.